Welcome to Iro Books! We are an e-book-only publisher with long ties to Japan and Asia. Our goal is to offer you seductive adventures in words (and pictures) that you can pack into your digital readers to enjoy anywhere you happen to be. “Iro” is the Japanese word for “color” and is written with the character 色. We chose iro to identify our publishing line because it signifies our Japan connection and is used in many Japanese terms related to physical passion and sensuality (what you might call Japanese “iro-tica”), one of many publishing areas we plan to explore in the months ahead.

And of course there is nothing more seductive than a good idea or good writing, and here you will be able to find fascinating excursions into culture, philosophy, fiction, and contemporary affairs, all designed to excite your interest and give you untold hours of pleasure. 

New Publication

The Big Bang, the Buddha, and the Baby Boom 
by Wes "Scoop" Nisker

Hang on for a wild journey through the political and spiritual adventures of the baby-boom generation

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