About Us

Iro Books is a project of Stone Bridge Press, Inc., a leading publisher of books about Asia, especially Japan and China. 

Iro Books focuses on e-book-only publications, especially works that are specialized, current, organic, erotic, or otherwise eccentric in a way that makes traditional venues unsuitable or irrelevant. 

It is a place where we can explore new forms and create new partnerships and alliances unencumbered by hidebound publishing traditions.

And it is a place where we can introduce new or experimental material in the hope of establishing an audience within more conventional frames and formats.

If you like what we do, or don’t like what we do, send us your comments ➥here

If you are an author with an idea or project looking for a publisher, an alliance, or a champion, please share it with the Chief Editor at irobooksmail@gmail.com.

 And, please be sure you want to be here! Not everything on this site is appropriate for all audiences based on age and sensitivity. We do not want to offend (or surprise) anyone!

Purchasing and Reading Iro E-books

  • Iro E-books are available for all major e-book platforms. Note that some older e-readers are limited in their ability to display Asian fonts and graphics in color.
  • Our book pages take you directly to your e-reader’s purchase page.
  • Prices listed on this site are suggested prices only.
  • If your Iro E-book does not display as expected, please contact the manufacturer of your e-reader.